Two People + One Page = Trevi Communications

Have you ever worked with someone and felt an instant connection based on a shared life philosophy, work ethic and style? Well, that pretty much sums up what happened when Lisa Murray and Gene Hunt worked together for the first time.

We were collaborating on a highly challenging communications issue for a mutual client, and the stakes were high. The project could easily have gone sideways, but we made a great team: sharing ideas, problem-solving and strategizing. At the conclusion of the assignment, we went our separate ways but stayed in touch.

Fast forward a year and we found a second occasion to team up – this time on a new client opportunity. That one didn’t pan out. But because things always happen for a reason (or so we believe), we decided to forge a business partnership. Trevi Communications was born.

In our separate careers we’ve both been in-house marketing communications directors and PR agency executives. With Trevi, we want to marry the best of both worlds. For us, that means working directly with clients and being hands-on with research, strategy, media outreach and copywriting – all the aspects of what we love about our profession.

That’s our story. What’s yours? Contact us at