• Thu
    10:35 a.m. - 11:35 a.m.Waltham Woods Conference Center, Waltham, MA
    Leveraging Intangible Assets to Increase Business Value
    Lisa Murray-Moderator

    Recent industry studies estimate that up to 90 percent of a company’s value lies in intangible, invisible assets not found on the balance sheet; that is, technical expertise and skills, innovation, public reputation, patents, business networks, and institutional knowledge. Consequently, what one knows can be just as valuable as what one owns when it comes to maximizing business value for the eventual exit.

    Attendees will learn how to identify and leverage intangible assets to create equity and drive business value, hear proven techniques for raising visibility and enhancing that value, and ultimately gain an understanding of how the intangible can have very tangible impacts on growth and exit planning.

  • Fri
    Simple Steps to Getting Your Brand in Shape
    Presented by Louise Leduc Kennedy and Lisa Murray
    Invitation Only

    Many businesses confuse “branding” with creating a logo, or selecting fonts or color schemes. However, brand strategy is a process that includes an understanding of your business, your customers and the competitive landscape. A well-executed branding or re-branding strategy can create valuable intellectual property, a significant asset for your company, and help drive your business forward. In this hands-on workshop, the presenters will lead you through exercises to lay the groundwork for a successful brand strategy, including analyzing how brands connect with customers and their values, evaluating opportunities for trademark protection, and practical steps you can implement immediately to protect brand elements in marketing materials.

    Attendees will learn:

    • What makes a strong and lasting brand
    • How brands can differentiate your company from your competition
    • What types of brand names and logos lend themselves to trademark protection
    • How to do a few quick web searches to vet potential logos and taglines
    • The specific words to use on your marketing materials and web sites to protect brand elements

    This session will be a hands-on, interactive workshop. Participants will receive a worksheet for use during the session and leave with concrete action items to deploy in their businesses. The experienced presenters provide a great balance of marketing and legal expertise and are committed to delivering significant value during this 60 minute intensive session.